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Block local delivery using Applicable Products

What is Applicable Products feature

The Applicable Products feature helps control how specific delivery methods (local delivery) apply only to certain items.


Suppose you want to prevent certain products from being available for local delivery as illustrated below:

Configuration Steps:

Access BirdChime app settings.
Select "Availability Configuration."

BirdChime Configuration

Navigate to the "Applicable Product" section, adjust settings for LOCAL DELIVERY and add a custom tag.

Note: Products tagged with "local delivery" are exclusively available for delivery. Items without this tag will be display as unavailable for delivery.

Shopify App Configuration:

Choose products intended for local delivery by selecting them.
Click on the three-dot menu.
Select "Add Tag."

Enter the tag name in the search box, select it, and save.

Shopify Tag Configuration

This configuration process helps ensure that only specified products are available for local delivery, enhancing control over your delivery methods.

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Updated on: 01/19/2024

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