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Block shipping using Applicable Products

What is Applicable Products feature

Applicable product feature is used to restrict a particular delivery method ( Shipping / Local Delivery / Store Pick Up ) to only a certain set of products.

For example

We want to make some products not shippable, as shown below.

So we will configure as shown below :

Configure in BirdChime app

First, we need to configure a tag in the BirdChime app with a tag name.
example -> Shippable

Configure in Shopify app

Now we need to configure the same tag for all the products that need to be shipped. If there are many products we can use according to shown below.

Select all products and uncheck those products which we don't want to ship.
Click on ...
Click on Add Tag

Write Tag name in search box
Select the Tag name
Click on Save

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Updated on: 01/04/2024

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