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How to change checkout page?

Once the customer selects the delivery method on the widget and proceeds to checkout, he again needs to select the delivery method, which is confusing and misleading for the customer before placing the order. To avoid such confusion, you can use delivery customizations.

CASE A : If you are not using the carrier calculated API.

CASE B : If you are using a carrier-calculated API and have shipping rates based on multiple conditions,

some examples of case b
a. Order value < $100 , Delivery or Pickup charges $50
b. Order value >= $200 , Delivery or Pickup Free of Charge
c. Order value >= $300 , Delivery or Pickup Free of Charge, Only on Saturday and Sunday.
d. Order value < $50 , Delivery charges $5, Monday to Friday.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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