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Production Report

Production Report :

The production report provides a CSV file with a breakdown of all of the items you need to produce within a specific period of time.

A production report includes:

Product quantity

Product name

Variant ID

Product ID

For example, If you are a bakery owner you can start your day or week by generating a production report outlining the quantities of items required within that time frame.

The production report feature is only available in Bird pickup and Delivery Premium plan and above

To access your production report, follow these steps:

Go to the Bird app's order section.
Choose the orders you want to include in the report. You can filter them if needed example filter by day to get details of orders for that particular day

Click on the "Action" option.
Select the "Export Product Report" option.

Check your email for the report.

Download and view your production report to plan your operations better.

Updated on: 02/12/2024

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