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Working with subscription apps

Following are the action items to do when using our app with any of the subscription apps.

Configuring rates
One option is to configure all the rates via Shopify.
Or If you are configuring rates via Bird app then you must use CCS ( carrier calculated shipping API ).

You will also need to check first if CCS is supported in your current Shopify plan.

NoNoCan be enabledYesYes

If it is supported, you can use the following option in our app to utilize it.

Bird rates via CCS

Updating tags or metafields for recurring orders
You can utilize Shopify Flow app to update the recurring orders and attach useful tags or even update the metafields in the order.
Writing a Shopify flow totally depends on the subscription app that you are using and the specific business requirements you have.

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Updated on: 05/21/2024

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