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Add Date/Time to draft order Invoice

How to add the date/time on draft order invoice?

Locate the settings and look for advance settings.

Under basic settings enable the below checkbox. This will add the date/time to the order note.

Append Date/Time to order note

You should see the order note being updated as following after enabling the above option.

Attached Note

Go to Shopify admin -> Settings -> Notifications. And click Draft order invoice.

Click on Draft order Invoice

And then click on Edit code

Click on Edit code

Copy the following code.

{% assign note_array = note | split: " | " %}
{% for note_item in note_array %}
   <p class="notes-details">{{ note_item }}</p>
{% endfor %}

We recommend you to paste this code above order summery table.

click on save

If you want to change the labels in the note, under Additional settings enable Translate order notes.

Go to to edit language section

And update the following labels as needed.

Edit Labels

Then you can go to your draft order edit page in Shopify admin. You should see the following when you try sending the invoice.

Click on send Invoice

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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