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Add delivery date/time in customer dashboard

In order to show delivery date and time in customer dashboard you will need to edit 2 files described below.


Add an additional column in the table header (thead tag) at the end along with other columns

<th id="ColumnDate" scope="col" role="columnheader">Delivery Date / Time</th>

Add the following the in table body (tbody tag) at then end along with other columns

	{% if order.attributes['Delivery Date'] %}
		<span>{{ order.attributes['Delivery Date'] }}</span>
	{% endif %}
  {% if order.attributes['Delivery Time'] %}
	   <span>, {{ order.attributes['Delivery Time'] }}</span>
  {% endif %}


Add the following code near order date at the top

{%- if order.attributes['Delivery Date'] -%}
  <p>Order Delivery Date: <span style="color:green;font-weight:bold">{{ order.attributes['Delivery Date'] }}</span></p>
	{%- if order.attributes['Delivery Time'] -%}
		<p>Order Delivery Time: <span style="color:green;font-weight:bold">{{ order.attributes['Delivery Time'] }}</span></p>
	{%- endif -%}
{%- endif -%}

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Updated on: 12/04/2023

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