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1. What are Birdchime products and services?

Birdchime builds advanced calendar and order management software to help stores manage their pickup, delivery and shipping for Shopify. Learn how it works here

Birchime pickup and delivery allows customers to control and manage product availability, multiple store location pickup and delivery, attach a date and time stamp for each product for better management, define product based customisations and seamless order management from a single dashboard
Birdchime Shipping and rates features allows customers to calculate the delivery price based on multiple conditions alongside providing multiple other tools for organizing orders.
For full list of services, fell free to install our app or contact support.

2. How can I get started with Birdchime app?

It is very easy to get started with Birdchime. Here is a step by step video to get started with Birdchime app. Alternatively, check out our getting started section for all the relevant articles. If you have any questions please feel free to chat with us or send us an email.

3. Is there a free plan available?

Yes, Birdchime offers a free plan with all major features enabled for you to work on your store. The free plan is limited by the number of orders which is "20" per 30 days. Post that the app will get disabled. You can enable the app by purchasing our essential plan or waiting for the current 30 day cycle to be over. The order limit applies to all orders that have been received after the Birdchime app is enabled. It doesn't differentiate between pickup, delivery or shipping orders.

4. Can I get an extension on my free plan?

No, Birdchime doesn't offer any type of extension on its free plan. We recommend upgrading to essential plan or talking to support.

5. Can i get custom features built for my store?

We work very hard to update our app as per our customer requirements. We track customer requirements here. Higher the number of upvotes, faster we ship out that particular features. However, as part of our enterprise plan we do offer customised upgrades to the app. This is completely at the discretion of the tech team and the amount of effort involved. We urge you to reach out to us for any such queries.

6. How can I lodge my issue with Birdchime?

Birdchime offers 24X7 support all 365 days of the year. You may experience slight delays over the weekends or during holidays however be rest assured we have got you covered. You can chat with us or send us an email. Alternatively you can set up a 1 on 1 session over a video call. We are always eager to help.

7. I have installed the app but I don't see the date picker on my cart page on the store front?

There can be few reasons for it

You have not enabled the app in settings page. Please refer to this section
You have not enabled the embed block in your theme. Please refer to this section
If first two steps were complete but you still don’t see it, then your theme is a customised one. And we need to add following 1 line of code in you theme and it will start working
<div id="birdchime-slots-box"></div>

You can either do it yourself or just ping us via in-app chat or email us on, we will do it for you.
To accelerate the process, you can provide us the collaborator access to edit your current theme.

8. How can I configure the app to display only the next five days on the calendar?

To set up the app to display only the next five days on the calendar:

Go to Configure Availability in the app settings.
Navigate to block out dates and find the “Max Available Days” option.
Configure the “Max Available Days” settings to [5] and save your changes.

9. How can I adjust the size of my calendar and date picker?

To adjust the size of the calendar and date picker using custom CSS:

Go to Design Settings in the app.
There you get different options to customize the BirdChime slot Box like background color, text color, icon color etc.
To use the custom CSS in the advance styling section you can put different parameters according to your need, // // please refer to this section

To shift the widget placement from the footer to the body of the cart drawer.

Access the Widget Placement Settings in the app.
In the settings; navigate to Widget Placement.
Enter the appropriate CSS selector for the body of the cart drawer. Please refer to this doc.
Save your changes to reflect the updated widget placement.

11. How can i ensure theire is a minimum order value in the cart. before the customer proceeds to checkout?

Yes, Here’s how you can set up a minimum order value validation message:

Go to the Validation Settings in the app.
Configure the minimum order value for each delivery method separately.
The customer won’t be able to proceed to checkout unless the cart value meets the set minimum.

12. How does the BirdChime app Subscription work, and what is the purchasing process?

Here’s a breakdown of the BirdChime app Subscription and purchasing process:

Purchasing Process:

Visit the Shopify App store and locate the BirdChime Pickup + Delivery App.
Choose a suitable plan based on your business needs and subscribe.
The app operates on a subscription-based purchasing model.
select your preferred plan and proceed to subscribe. Please refer to this page.
Purchasing fees are billed monthly according to your selected plan.
Follow the prompts for payment information and confirmation.

13. How can I track orders on Google Calendar with BirdChime?

Connect your Google Calendar through Birdchime settings, and your orders are now beautifully organized in your Google calendar. For a step-by-step guide, visit our documentation on order tracking.

14 . How does BirdChime handle when the store is closed/unavailable?

BirdChime’s got you covered! Utilize the Blockout Dates feature in the app settings to mark holidays or special occasions when you’re not available for orders. This ensures a seamless scheduling experience for both you and your customers.

15. How can I set up multi-condition rates for delivery and pickup?

Easy! Navigate to BirdChime settings, go to subscription select the premium plan, and unlock the power of multi-condition rates. Whether you want to set rates based on cart total, day of pick-up, or time of delivery, our app provides the flexibility you need.

16. No Delivery Address is showing only billing address is showing in case of local delivery or Customer is not able to see shipping Address

Cart Products are not marked for shipping, please go to the product in Shopify -> Products and select product and mark it for physical Shipping.

17. I am not able to click on the widget, drop-down is not showing.

This is CSS issue, generally happens due to theme code disturbs widget code. It can be fixed by small css changes. You can do it in custom css section in widget design or ask for help in chat.

18. I configured different lead time for certain products but it is not working.

Please change the cart type to the cart-page from cart-drawer. As tags are not readily accessible to apps without code change in theme during Ajax requests.

19. I am getting an error "Order can’t be shipped to the Address” or “Order not available for address"

Delivery address is not covered in the rates configured in Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Shipping and Delivery. Please correct the rates.

20. I am getting an error “Available Shipping methods have been updated”

Delivery Customization is not working correctly if it is on, please ask for help in chat.

21. We want different delivery Dates for different products in the same order

We attach schedule to complete order not on the individual products. If customer want different schedule in different products they have to make two separate orders.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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