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Get started with app setup

How to start using Birdchime Pickup and Delivery App

Enable the App - Configure the app with theme.

Configure Pickup and Delivery methods - Configure the delivery method and date picker according to your preferences.

Configuring availability settings

Configure Availability - Enable customers to select a specific available date and time slot.

Set Lead Time - Configure rules for order preparation time.

Blockout Date - Configure the date when you are not open or delivery is not available.

Notifications and Integrations

Order Confirmation Email - Show the order delivery date and time to the customer on email.

Customer Account Page - Display the selected date and time on the customer's account page.

Google Calendar Integration - Track all your upcoming orders on google calendar.

App customisations

Configure Widget Design - Adjust the styles and other options of the date picker to match your store's branding.

Set Widget Language - Customise the text displayed by the date picker or translate it into another language.

Setup Checkout page as in demo - Modify language in checkout page

Set Area of Delivery - Configure the postal codes where you deliver.

Advanced use cases

Packaging Slip - Include the selected date and time on the packing slip.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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