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Get started with app setup

How to start using Birdchime Pickup and Delivery App

Enable the app - Configure the app with theme.

Local Delivery and Pick up configuration

I have same schedule for all my locations.

I have different schedule for different schedule.


Shipping Setting

Product Override

Schedule override: Product specific lead times or available times

Visibility override: Show or hide widget for specific products

Configure Rates

Rates Control


Order Confirmation Email - Show the order delivery date and time to the customer on email.

Packaging Slip - Include the selected date and time on the packing slip.

Design and customisation

Configure Widget Design - Adjust the styles and other options of the date picker to match your store's branding.

Set Widget Language - Customise the text displayed by the date picker or translate it into another language.

Setup Checkout page as in demo - Modify language in checkout page

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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