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Display product wise available delivery method in the cart?

End Result :

Go to the products section, open a product, and enter the delivery method tags for example

Go to the theme customiser. Click on edit code.

A new window will open after clicking on the edit code button as shown below.

Look for the cart page in the search files box. The cart page name will vary in some themes for ex. in some themes you will see that as cart.js or in some cart.liquid.js or cart-template.liquid

Now click on the cart template.liquid page then add below snippet code above </td> or </div> of cart_details

{% if item.product.tags contains "pick up" %}
         <p style="color:red"><strong>Pickup Available</strong></p>
{% endif %}
{% if item.product.tags contains "local delivery" %}
         <p style="color:red"><strong>Local Delivery Available</strong></p>
{% endif %}
{% if item.product.tags contains "Courier" %}
         <p style="color:red"><strong>Shipping Available</strong></p>
 % endif %}

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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