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Bulk Add tags to products

Bulk add tags to products in Shopify

We may need to group multiple products with the same tag for a variety of reasons:
Restrict or enable shipping ex. particular products cannot be shipped
Set specific preparation time
Restrict availability of specific products
and more...

In such scenarios we need to configure the same tag for all the products that need to be grouped. Find an illustrative example below:

Select all products and uncheck those products which we don't want to group.
Click on ...
Click on Add Tag

Write Tag name in search box
Select the Tag name
Click on Save

If tag doesn't exist you can add a new Tag and click on save

Finally, you can verify Tag is added to the product page.

Important Use cases

Display product wise available delivery method in the cart
Configure product overrides using tags

Note: Tags are not case sensitive; for example shippable and Shippable are the same tag

How to mark the product as a physical product? – This guide explains tagging products as physical items, useful for bulk tagging scenarios.

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Updated on: 07/04/2024

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