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Product Override

How to set different lead/available times for certain products?

Assume you have set the lead time to 1 day in the Preparation time settings, which will be applied to all products automatically. But you have some products for which you want to configure different lead times, in that case, you can use the Schedule Override option in the Product override.

Ex. You make a smaller cake which takes one day, but a large cake takes two days lead time, so you can use the product override feature to set the lead time separately for both the products.

Go to Bird App Settings --> Product Override

Then click on "Add Override"

a. Enter the product SKUs or Tags

NOTE: SKU-based overrides apply to both the cart drawer and cart page. However, Tag-based overrides are exclusive to the cart page and cannot be used in the cart drawer.

b. Select the option Same Lead Time for All Days (Mon to Sun) or Customize Lead Time by Day according to your requirements.

c. Set the lead time in days/hours/minutes according to your requirements.

d. Set the maximum available days if you want customers to order ahead of time.

e. OR you can manually set the Available Dates or Blockout Dates and click on add.

NOTE: You can create multiple product overrides for different SKUs and Tags.

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Updated on: 07/06/2024

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