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Configure Order Preparation Times

Go to BirdApp Settings-->Configure Availability or Configure Locations

In order to configure order preparation time you need to click enable in the following setting.

If you have the same preparation time for all days, then select the "Same Preparation Time for All Days (Mon to Sun)"; otherwise, select "Customise Preparation Time by Day"

Now you can configure the order preparations time as lead time for each day of the week, based on your requirements.

For example ,

a. You can enter 4 hours as shown in the screenshot below for order placed on Monday. If you have enabled time slots customer will only be able to select a time slot after 4 hours.
b. You can set the lead time on Monday as 1 day which means the customer wont be able to select date/slot for same day (i.e today) but then can choose slot/date of the next day.
c. If you have set lead time as 2 days which means the customer wont be able to choose the same day** (i.e means including today) and the next day for the orders. They will have to select the date after 2 days.
d. If you have set 24 hours as a lead time then customers will be able to select time/slot which is available after 24hours.

4-hour lead time

If you want to stop accepting same day orders after 6PM, configure as shown below

cut off 6 pm same day delivery
Cut off time is just there to have 2 different preparation times in a single day (one before cut-off, one after cut-off). After the cut off time, lead time specified here will become applicable.

The lead time specified after cut off time should be greater than the lead time specified before cut off time since this setting is used to generally specify when you are stopping accepting orders for that day

Note : Make sure if you have selected "Customize Preparation Time by Day" then you need to configure preparation time for all 7 days by switching between days as mentioned below.

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Updated on: 03/13/2024

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