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Enable Same Day/Next Day delivery for specific products

Sample requirement: Set up next day delivery for some products in your catalogue while offering same day delivery for rest.

You can set up lead time in order preparation setting for same day delivery for all the products: Configure order preparation time
Note: You can keep order preparation time to "0 days" in lead time for same day delivery and set a cut off time depending on till when you can deliver on the same day.

Incase you have some products where you want to configure next day delivery, you will need to configure a product override.

In product override settings you can set lead time to "1 day" and override for products using tags for next day delivery

Check out how to bulk add tags to products

Incase you have a requirement where most of your products are next day delivery and some are same day delivery you can configure lead time of "1 day" for all products and create an override with lead time "0 days" using tags for same day delivery.

Updated on: 02/21/2024

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