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Block Shipping / Local Delivery / Pickup using Product availability

What is the Product Availability Feature and when to use it?

The Product Availability Feature feature helps control how specific delivery methods (local delivery/pickup//shipping) apply only to certain items with the help of tags. This configuration process helps ensure that only specified products are available for certain delivery type, enhancing control over your delivery methods.

Product availability Feature feature should be used when:

You want to offer a particular delivery method (Local Delivery/ Store Pickup/ Shipping) for only a certain set of products.
You want to block a particular delivery method (Local Delivery/ Store Pickup/ Shipping) for all other products.

Important Note:
Only Products with configured tags will be available for specific delivery methods. Untagged items appear unavailable for selected delivery.
If customer selects mixed cart, including tagged and untagged items, all show as unavailable for selected delivery.

Block Shipping / Local Delivery / Pickup on certain products

Navigate to Product Availability Feature settings.
By Default "All Products" option is selected to allow all the products, so choose "Products tagged with" option to specify the tag(s) that will allow only certain products tagged with this tag.

Add custom tags

The Products without specified tag will be blocked, and products with tag will be allowed only.


The tags are case sensitive, Meaning "Delivery" and "delivery" are two different tags, so make sure you assign the tags properly.

Add Tag to Products in Shopify

Choose products that you want to make available
Click on three-dot menu (in right corner).
Select Add tags

Select products to make available

Enter the tag name in the search box, select it and save.

Added Tags to product

Updated on: 04/05/2024

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