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How to set the maximum available days?

This setting helps you let your customers configure Maximum days in advance(including order day) they can select date and time while checking out.

There can be multiple scenarios you can use this setting:

You just want to limit the number of days in advance you get an order.
You want to support a particular type of delivery method only for a few days. Let’s assume you want to do local delivery for the next 5 days including today then, in that case, you can set the maximum available days. Once you set this number then the customer won't be able to place the order after the 6th day from today for the local delivery.

Note: You need to configure maximum days separately for all delivery methods.

Go to Bird App Settings-->Configure Availability

Go to Blockout dates settings in the app. Select the delivery method for which you want to set up the maximum number of available days.

Set the number in Maximum Available Days as shown below

Updated on: 03/13/2024

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