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Configure Availability Settings

Configure Availability

Set your available days of service using "Custom Availability by days" and configure your "Date & time / time slot(s)" using available options. Otherwise, Choose Same Availability for All days (Mon to Sun) if you want to follow same schedule on all days.

Configure & Customize Settings

Customize Date / Time Schedule & Max Orders limit

Select What options are necessary for your customers to select before checkout. Also, set your pace with Setting max orders limit by day or time / time slot(s), once it exceeds the limit, the respective day or time / time slot(s) will be disabled.

Select "Only Date" option and configure Date based Schedule like shown below

Only Date Option

Select "Date & time" option and configure Date & time based Schedule like shown below

Date & Time Option

Select "Date & time range" option and configure Date & Time range based schedule like shown below

Date & Time Range Option

Select "No Date & time" option, to disable the calendar.

No Date & Time Option

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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