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Widget Reinitialize

This is somewhat technical. Feel free to ask us for help if you get stuck

There could be scenarios when widget may need to be initialised again. Example:

Cart drawer
Dynamically updated shopping cart ( without page reload )

Go to widget placement setting in our app.
Click on Settings in left navigation
Then click on widget placement

Widget placement

Try Increasing reinitialise delay
This will reinitialise the widget after the configured delay amount. So that widget loads after the cart is loaded properly.

Increase the reinitialise delay

Watch element changes.
Use this option, only if the reinitialise delay doesn't fix the problem.
Pick a parent element to watch, as shown in screenshot below

Pick a watch element

Enter watch CSS selector

Configure watch CSS selector
Only if the parent CSS selector doesn't work, try entering document.body in the above field.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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