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Shipping rates control

Rates for all delivery methods can be configured in two ways.

From Shopify Admin
From our app Bird Pickup + Delivery (Note: This is only possible if you have the carrier-calculated shipping API enabled on your store.)

What is the difference between both the option?
Rates based onFrom Shopify AdminFrom Bird App
Day of weekNoYes
Time of dayNoYes
Multiple ConditionsNoYes

To configure rates from Shopify Admin.

Follow Shopify's help document to add the rates in shipping & delivery section of Shopify admin.
If you do Store pickup, follow our delivery customisation document as well

To configure rates from our app

Contact Shopify to enable carrier calculated API. ( If not enabled on your store )
Configure delivery rates
Configure pickup rates
Configure shipping rates

Examples of multi-condition rates
If you want to set rates on the basis of cart total and day of pickup/delivery.
If you want to set rates on the basis of cart total and time of pickup/delivery.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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