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Different Schedules for Multi-Location

You can easily configure:

If you have the same schedule for all locations.
If you have different schedule for different locations.

If you have the same schedule for all locations

Go to BirdApp Settings-->Select "I have same schedule for all my locations"

Go to Configure Availability settings.

If you have the different schedules for different locations

Go to BirdApp Settings

If you have stores at multiple locations and their delivery method and schedule are different, then in that case you can enable the second option as shown below.

Click on Configure locations for setup.

After clicking on Configure locations a new page will open. Now select the location from the list for which you want to configure the delivery method and schedule.

Enable the delivery method, and click on Edit Settings to configure.

After clicking on "Edit Settings” all the app settings will be visible.

a. Configure Applicable products

b. Configure Availability

c. Configure Order Preparation Times

d. Configure Blockout dates

e. Configure Postal Code

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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